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Types of Pests

Have pests invaded your Pembroke Pines FL property?

When it comes to pest control, there are different cases and needs. Different types of pests can be found in households, office buildings and business establishments. For each type, your Pembroke Pines FL exterminator will apply a different approach. What are the most common types of pests? Let’s have a look.


Carpenter Ants.Ants travel in search of food, they follow well-defined tracks and cluster around the food source. They prefer sweet foods. They damage plants, household items and food. They bite or sting. They make mounds in gardens, thus making the soil around the plant roots excessively dry. Carpenter ants feed on wood and may damage the frame of the structure of a house. If you have an ant problem in your Pembroke Pines FL property, use the services of a good pest exterminating company.

Bed bugs

Bed bugBed bugs are blood sucking insects. They live in beds, bed frames, in mattresses, beneath floor coverings. If you find bed bugs in your Pembroke Pines FL property, a good pest control service can help. They will eliminate bed bugs with a residual insecticide in crevices and cracks and ULV insecticide for the rest of the room. You should also hot wash your bedding.

Bees, Wasps and Hornets

BeeBees are useful to us because they pollinate flowering plants and trees. Bees do not sting unless they are threatened. When you notice a swarm, call a local beekeeper. Carpenter bees are a different case because they dig tunnels in the wood where they create nests. These bees can cause serious damage to wooden structures. Wasps are also beneficial since they gather garden pests with which to feed their larvae. However, the wasp sting can be dangerous to people who are allergic to their poison. Hornets can cause serious illness with their bites and you should steer clear of them.


Cockroaches There exist three types of cockroaches – American, German and Oriental. Cockroaches contaminate food and spread diseases. When cockroaches infest your Pembroke Pines FL property, your exterminator can effectively eliminate them with gels, sprays, and powders. To avoid re infestation, make sure that you maintain a good level of hygiene in your premises.


Fleas also feed on the blood of living hosts like dogs, cats, rodents, birds and humans. They spread tape worm in cats and dogs.

Mice & Rats

Mice trapped in a mousetrapMice and rats contaminate food as well as work surfaces and spread disease and parasites. Shortly after they have been in contact with filth and rubbish, they will appear in kitchens and restaurants. Rodents do not have bladders and can urinate anywhere, anytime. Apart from eating and contaminating food, they destroy and damage property because they gnaw into wood, packaging materials and fabrics. If mice and rats are roaming free in your Pembroke Pines FL property, call a pest control service company. They can eliminate the rodents in your premises by using baits and traps.


Trapped moleMoles dig tunnels under the ground. They feed on earthworms, but they cause damage to the plants, as moles expose plants’ roots to the air. Moles are exterminated with traps.

If any of these or other pests are troubling you in your Pembroke Pines FL property, we suggest that you take advantage of the exterminating services of Excellent Results Inc. From ant to mole, we can deal with them all!

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