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Make Sure You Will Get Rid of the Pests

Pests can be found everywhere. Hopefully they won’t be in your home as they can quickly turn a wonderful place into a complete nightmare. The staff at Excellent Results Inc is well aware of this issue and wants make sure that even if you do find yourself living with a gang of mice, you can get rid of them quickly and safely. Even if, you’re convinced you don’t have any rodents or bugs in your home, here you can learn how to prevent their presence. In case you identify you have that problem the best way to go is hiring a terminator. Using a pest control service in Pembroke Pines FL will save you a lot of efforts, money and time.

Preventing Infestation

The easiest way to prevent rodents and bugs is by keeping your home clean. Do not think that mean just keeping the dishes in the sink and clothes in the hamper. While those are necessarily ways to start, you also need to ensure you will wash your dishes in a timely manner, clean floors and kitchen counters, keep food stored in rodent-proof containers (they can eat through cardboard boxes and plastic bags), vacuum rugs and carpeting on a regular basis and regularly dust everything that is sitting out in your home. If it is dirty your bathroom can attract rodents as well. Wash and disinfect the tub, sink floor and as well as the toilet often. All garbage cans should have tight-fitting covers and all garbage bags should be taken to the dumpster at once. The food of your pets should not be left out overnight. If you fail to manage with those tasks the pest control gets really difficult.

To fight rodents, place spring-loaded traps around baseboards.

Bear in mind that by the time you see rodents in your home, you can be relatively sure that they are crawling in all the walls and have run out of room. Use a poison rat bait under the plywood or plastic shelter along baseboards. Work with the poison cautiously and follow the directfions strictly as it is hazardous for humans, too. For rodents to squeeze through ? of an inch holes is not a problem so you should seal any holes you find. You can do this with lath metal or lath screen, wire or cement screening. Handling the rodents on your own will be difficult and sometimes ineffective, so make sure to get an exterminating services. An exterminator will know how to get rid of them fast and effective. He will also have the proper equipment and products.

If you have been maintaining your home clean and you live in a rented property, call your landlord and inform them of the undesirable critters that have moved in. Landlords are obligated to keep the properties free from rodents and should carry out an inspection of the whole building for points of entry and seal them. Additionally a professional pest control service may be called out. If your landlord does not react within a few days, inform your local health department about the situation. In the meantime, situate bait and spring-loaded traps as described above. Continue to block any holes you find. You can also buy no-kill traps, which trap the mice in a container until you can release them outside.

When you see an ant, well, you likely saw way more than just one, since ants typically come by the thousands. They are usually the least harmful of the home critters but can still get into your belongings, contaminate your food and may even bite. The best way to eliminate ants is to follow the trail and determine the source. Spray around the areas where the ants are gathering. Boric acid products will kill ants along roaches if you are lucky enough to have both in your home. You also need to keep all drinks and food cleaned up and stored away. Inform your landlord about the ant issue. If you want fast and efficient elimination of the pests in your home, you should seek the assistance of professional exterminating services. A great choice in Pembroke Pines FL is the pest control company Excellent Results Inc. With you can rest at ease knowing the only resident in your home will be you.