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Is your humble abode being invaded by rodents, cockroaches, mosquito and other common household pests? If it is, you should consult with Excellent Results Inc for the best insect and rodent control services in Pembroke Pines FL. Excellent Results Inc offers premium services with the most affordable and competitive prices. Our company also accommodates urgent and time-sensitive cases. 

Whether you’re dealing with rats in your sewer lines, ants in your house or cockroaches in cabinets, Excellent Results Inc never says no to the task, no matter how difficult and challenging it may seem. Our prices are remarkably cost-effective and not to mention fast. From the point you contact our front desk, we will be sending a pest control unit to check on your individual housing or building conditions, and then devise the most effective plan. We also guarantee care for all your belongings and properties that are caught up with our operations. Not a single item will be damaged or lost when our team is finished. As a reputable and established company, we guarantee this for all clients and cases.

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The most effective pest control services in Pembroke Pines FLAccording to scientific studies and reports, the ratio of man and insects are 1 person for every 2 million insects. Yes, you better believe it. With such a populous number, it is indeed possible that your household is surrounded by a few thousand of these tiny critters. Let Excellent Results Inc help you exterminate these pests. Insect and rodent control is all about appropriate planning and preparation, something our company has perfected throughout the years of service in Pembroke Pines FL. Let our professional insect and rodent control unit handle the frustrating and stressful job of eliminating the pests in your house or office building.

We realize there are times when cases can differ immensely. As such, Excellent Results Inc strives to perfect all service categories and facets encompassed by pest exterminating. We aim to be consistent as the finest pest exterminating and control service you can find in Pembroke Pines FL. In any product or service transaction, cost is always an issue for consumers, especially in today’s tough economic conditions. At Excellent Results Inc, we are diligent in keeping our services cost-efficient and exploring new means to lower the costs while improving service quality and consumer satisfaction. When we provide a quote, this isn’t a mere estimate for our services, but rather a promise to offer the service you anticipate without any surprises along the way.

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Our company offers exceptional services for pest management with the best possible rates, within the entire Pembroke Pines FL. No pest extermination problem is too small or too big for us. We come prepared with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee complete elimination of pests, as well as their source of origin.

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Protecting your home from invading insects and rodents is our area of expertise at Excellent Results Inc. We have established our business in Pembroke Pines, FL, and for the past 23 years, we have created many successful business relationships with the residents of the local community. Our company consists of superbly well trained technicians, who apply their knowledge to monitor your home and keep it safe. Excellent Results Inc will deal with the following infestations.

Rats and Mice– Rats present serious health dangers to humans and household pets. The warm climate of your home creates the perfect breeding ground and spread of disease. Rat colonies invade the homes and spread throughout the house. Older homes are especially vulnerable to rodent infestations. Old structures are typically insulated with wool fillers. This material creates warmth and ideal mating conditions for pests and pest control services. Properties located close to wildlife are also exposed to rodent infestations, especially during cold weather. Excellent Results Inc will perform full inspection of your house, identify nesting areas and entry points. We will then treat your home with eco-friendly products and eliminate the rodents.

Ants – The most common reasons for ant invasions include old tree stumps located within close proximity to the house. These high moisture environments harbor insects and bacteria. We are affiliated with several landscaping contractors. They will be able to remove the fallen trees and tree stumps at an affordable price. Excellent Results Inc experts will treat the yard and foundation of your home with appropriate products to eradicate the entry points and eliminate the infestation.

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